Business Intelligence + Web Data Mining =
Decision-making Data-Driven

Data Driven

Based on the understanding of the online and offline world, we direct and influence your business directly, increasing your ROI, brand visibility, market positioning and more assertiveness to the investment.

Data Mining

Professionals with extensive experience in Big Data that combine market and data intelligence, understanding the customer's needs and turning data on possible solutions.

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Based on statistical data and geoscience, added to web data and understanding of the market potential, we show the best places to fit the strategy.


We analyze nationally the best place to open a new franchise according to the company profile.


From your franchisee profile analysis, we facilitate your choice reducing selection steps.

Smart BI

A data visualization recommendation system that guides decision-making from the understanding, via Machine Learning, of data relevant to your business.


We analyze your data crossing with web data to generate the best solutions for your decision making.

Data Visualization

The data will tell the business direction, therefore we recommend the best semantic visualization for your information.


Research system with equivalent terms, which lists similar words in semantics, spelling and phonetic. As well as synonyms and phrases that make sense to your product.


We optimize your product search, making it richer and more semantic, for a deeper access to your catalog.

Call Center

We improve the interpretation of the messages so you can reach more precisely the expected result.


Our Prediction and Recommendation System that crosses the possibilities with the behavior. We suggest a better experience and anticipate the future scenario, always driven by data.

Recommendation System

Recommend your products crossing your customer's information, your business and the environment around you.

Prediction System

By data analysis, affected by several variables, we deliver predictions about the client's business.

Programmatic Media

Automate your marketing campaigns, schedule events based on competitors, price, availability and demand. Save time and engage your consumers in real time.


We integrate yours products with Google, Facebook and Buscapé. Hand out yours offers across multiple channels.


Update your catalog in the channels in real-time without manual intervention. Take advantage of the speed of technology to sell more.


Learn real-time trend of consumption in your market share, sorted by tier and even region. Compose better your product mix based on demand for it and the feeling of your customers.

Monitoring Competitors

Follow the market watching the performance of its competitors, since price to media activities.

Monitoring Satisfaction

Know better your client outside his business environment, on social networks and interaction on the web.

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Agility in Development

We deliver in short-term alterations according to the changes of the company, giving agility and precision to the new strategy implemented.

TI Companies Independence

We can implement our products decoupled of your IT area, directly with Marketing.

Scalability Solution

Efficiency and fast delivery that gives us the ability to increase our products to answer the various solutions demands that arise over time.


Expert in tourism and entertainment, joining other markets, we compile and deliver studies for different market segments.

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